Friday, January 1, 2021

a rrrockin' song 'bout Jesus!

to ASK! Jesus into your heart,

simply kneel at the side of your bed.

Q: why do we sssinful mortals need Jesus? isnt my finite existence going along fine without the Necessity o'Nonsense?? A: God has only TWO rules in this lifelong demise: 1) love God; 2) love thy brudda, bubba ...and if we dont, whose choice is that?? thus:

A: 3 realms after death,

2 you're going to Heaven regardless; yet if you follow this link below religiously, a very, very good chance you'll skip Purgatory and be at the Wedding Feast where we can Big-Ol-Keg/party-hardy:

'The less you seek the world's favor,

[which is quite temporal/immoral]

the greater you will become in

the Kingdom of Heaven'

[which is exclusively everlasting]





Racism is very whorizontal:

ain't no racism in Seventh-Heaven.

This, too, is B/W.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

PS... Miss Gorgeous,
I. Love. You. Too.
I cannot bear to be
without you in Heaven.
If you aren't a Christian,
ask Jesus into your heart.
That's it. That's all.
Nthn else. Nthn moe, Curly.
He takes you as you are.
He took this mortal sinner.
God bless you, dear.
Be. At. Peace.
Cya Upstairs.

I was a yooNeek,
in the back-of-book,
yet, following our
I actually saw the Celestial City when I was
an NDE/comatose... but didnt enter.

Totally livin4jesus now (well, 97.97%):
obey Jesus, trustNjesus,
forsake yourself, inherit
the Kingdome. How easy.
But, yet, doing all these
things are quite difficult:

We must put-up withe endless
seduction of the perverse now...
yet, thank God, life is short and,
if you dont have 'normal' speech,
our existence seems to be a tad
easier. I wanna give you a story
which is based on true events:

--> Lemme wanna gonna
begin by saying the concept
of time passes-away
quickly: our objectives
and adjectives swiftly
lose their hollow lustre
which we thot were
significantly magnificent
before... yet, alas!
death is the Final
Equalizer sad2say;
we must chase our dreams
to the 'outfield', bypassing
the horizontal if we're ever
gonna achieve Seventh-Heaven
with o'er-the-Hillary.

Thus, denying the existence
of anything morbid or rancid
ain't gonna prevent U.S. from
stepping onto THAT thang
on the sidewalk... so how can
we oblivious mortals
deny the Abyss o'Misery
where our souls go for
denying the Almighty
by our own FREE-WILL???

Just like the exultant expresso
of the Great Beyond is above
after our demise for all those
who accept God and follow
Jeeee-sis! Puh-ray-zuh Gawwd!!
Satan's coming after U.S. with
a vengeance hideous if we
sinfull mortals who stand alone
on this teeny-weeny-earth
with our primordial atheism
dont realize our fatal error
before the time
we make the
dude a lil
a lil

--> neva D'less (<- a waitress in upstate NY):
"Gottum. Gotta lotta'm -
open N shut meat N potatoes:
fuzzy, katchy, gritty incendiary;
racy, raw, red-alert-smorgasboredom
in our stonewall, POW!wa prowess.

"Yeah!! And lemme have summa that

"Anything for dessert, sir?"

"Yeah!! Lemme have the
profusion of undelusion.
What's that? Sounds deee-licious."

"That's an I-opening, i2i wisdom
much higher than K2 is Heaven's
IQ which is an XXXXXXXXXXXXL...
insane, highly robust,
in the Elysian Fields
antidote lasting 777
× 7.007 billion years
which is nthn compared
to whot our Devine Chef creates.

Plus, you get
as a side order.
Want some ..??"

"Fabulous. Thank you!!"
"When'll that be ready?"

She looked at me,
blank expression,
exactly like Flo
chewin' her gum,
"When you leave this
daunting etiquette..."

--> When I lost my avant-garde-gravity
due to my self-propelled, tryin-to-fitin-
to-the-world, offa-the-wall like Jimmy
Hoffa [RIP] utter craziness at 15, I won
reading-between-the-lines like one of the
spooky, kold_kadavrs in the Gatlin-gun-
morgue... with an unreal Lover in Her
G.B.H outcasts from a broken saint to
my VitSee the following weekend at
Bernie's in Seventh-Heaven. Cannot
make up my life now...

--> Q: Why did I fall-off our 'steed' like Saul
who became Saint Paul?? A: though our lifetime passes-away which mirrors human
existence, the Great Beyond stands-out as
the only eternity without self/ego: we are
One with God who made us to live eternally,
to explore and figuratively grown-up eon-by-
eon into the self-less beings you were meant
to be to populate the huge, finite universe...

(NOTE: you DO NOT have to; lots
of saints prefer to pro-create with
God in their infinite minds only -
how is not for my mortal mind).

...and when we're done with the universe?
the Truth speaks louder than exponential
infinity: the realm so vast we'll [pl] fill-up with
precious, victorious, extraordinary babies
in every, possible, bloody direction beyond
the cosmos, Loader's number or higher can
only calculate for  I  N  F  I  N  I  T  Y ...

--> Cant you read between-the-lines yet, Yahoo?
Almighty God'll letchoo do anything in His 'URL'
forever with 'eye-love-ewe' expressive ecstacy;
absolutely kick-some-arcade games is a True possibility withe maximum gnawledje precisely
because sHe is Truth!!! Plus, of course! sed the
Source! the sub/dude which you're gonna wanna 
lemme come back for Sonday Service with none
other than Jaunty Python!! We're the fuel-on-the-
fire conduit, baby!! For without Jeeee-sis!! you
might as well be fine-art-roadkill in the broiling
dungeons of El Diablo, the WholeAss.

--> Tell me, doodzWITHEludez, what's so cool
about Hellfire? Dijoo know? Both your lemming
enemies and friends will be there, too, fighting
each other AND you eternally, never stopping in
the Abyss o'Misery, turned into repulsive things
with fleas and lice? Fleas dont die - they just
burrow into their host making the problem that
much greater; then, the problem exists of reee-
king mold, large maggots, rotting bodies,
the smell? farNaway ugly.
Aint a wise idea to go into the eternal sewage, humanity.
Seems now there's tolerance toward
anything but the Truth, right? God is Truth...
yet, we worship anything but God.
--> Q: how do I know these gritty, elaborately
weird thangz that ain't of this world cuzz they're
in Hellfire?? A: I'm afraid you just answered your
own question, me wee lassy.

Again, I'm a Near Death Experiencer, sunshine.
So it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally doesnt matter HOW
you judge Jesus and/or if you're an atheist, dear,
telling ignorant humanity to hate Almighty God,
giving them YOUR worthless version/vision of
nothing; unless you wanna contact all the people
all over the world, expecting them to believe that
hopeless mojo, your obscure malaise, when they
HAVE seen Seventh-Heaven and you havent, you
better believe my story filled with neeetOisms.

Ummm... does the explosive, exquisite, extra-
ordinary, hardcore exponential reality of waking-
up on the outskirts of the Great Beyond when I
was in a 10-day-coma constitute? Think so. So
else you'll B12.

--> why else does a moth
fly from the night to a bold,
attractive candle Light??
DO NOT let His extravagant
Brilliance be extinguished, earthling.
You're creative, oui?
Then, fly-away with
U.S. to the psychotropic,
psychadelic iridescence
of eternity:

--> know whot I want everybody to do to
that slimy loser, Lucifer, who's filled with
utter rage and contempt against humanity
for losing the war in Seventh-Heaven
like a complete pussy-whipped?

when we upNcroak,
let's kick-some-@$$
by taking the UP escaltor.

--> whot's a rock-solid-prayer to start each day?
'Jesus, I trust in You. I cannot do this alone.'

--> fab book on your newby, faith journey?
'Lui et Moi' by Gabrielle Bossis;
'People of the Lie' by M. Scott Peck
'Whatever Became of Sin?' by Dr. Karl Menninger

--> why stand at ground zero without a sound
hero? imitate. absolutely. nobody but Jesus.

--> dont be a dynamic lemming anymore, child.
follow your 'Ex Modus Operandi' (rather than the
whorizontal which is a dead-head-operation, fol-
low the Holy Spirit first) to wiseabove. nobody
ever gets outta here alive.

--> how do I arrive at 2+2= eternity??
1/2: trustNjesus/repent
[simply kneel at the side
of your bed, say you're
sorry N mean it].
2/2: love Jesus/love one another =

eternity Upstairs where no end exists.

--> 'I AM the One Who runs the world;
you're here to prepare for Heaven.
You cannot make it to the Great Beyond
on your own' -Jesus, voir dire

--> As the vibrant passion of earthly dialogue
is now nullified in the literal 'ex capita mea'
(Latin: outta my head, man) after we pass
from this brief existence to eternity, we foolish
humans create inconsequential experiences
which serve no other purpose than to serve
ourselves, totally forgetting who made U.S.
Think, please. I totally know you know how.

Rather, recognize our vessels worth which is
put on U.S. - you - as a supreme gift, given by
our Creative Doctrine, the CD who plays over
and over how much sHe loves U.S.

However, this superfluous culture's still heavily
immersed in the self with a lotta us still sitting
on the fence. Let's turn that round, shall we, and
see the non-exhaustive-destination Upstairs is
also engrossed? enveloped? engulfed? by sHe
to be WITH us, not just a far-away-God who's
sleepy? Isnt the very being of our indelible soul,
our 'joy d'vivre' one of saturated symbiosis??

--> Think about it: a PI number of years X 💯
       Destiny of YOUR accomplishments X 💯
       Highly influential landscape FULLA ever-
       lasting, exaggerated goodies X 💯
       being at eternal peace/Wedding Feast...
Grrrrr. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
Verrry immature in Topeka, KS;
now, I'm kinda, sorta mature
(besides, I lost my password/username;
the color schemes R awwwsome though):